People move more than ever. Is this a threat or a chance? Let’s give diversity the chance to drive innovation and Europe to be the place where the next big thing is created.

Integration 4.0

It seems like we should help to find solutions.

This is an attempt to offer one, in which in this crazy world everyone can escape and find a shelter - refugium - in innovation.

Pilot Project: Innovators 4 peace

Pilot Project: Innovators 4 peace

Many of the so called refugees are in reality innogees; innovators for peace. They gave up their old lives, because they value peace, freedom, culture and education....

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Idea technology

Idea technology

Ideas shape us as human beings. If we change now the way the newcomers are contemplated and how they contemplate themselves, we can change … the world in which we live...

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In the world, there are +50 million displaced people. More than at any time since the WW II. Only 2015 more than 1 million persons came to Europe. How many innovative...

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Change the old mindset about refugees. Develop tools and space for innogees to take off & to raise. Attract those, who want to use their minds and rock for the solutions of the industry 4.0 & smart future. Give them the equal possibility to get awarded and be an example - being innovative & creative is the fast lane to start a new life.

1#InnogeeStart: Representatives of locals & newcomers plan how to co-create a community

2#InnogeeBeta: Create the community, launch open innovation contests (online + live) for #refugees challenges

3#InnogeeApps: Support & acceleration of the top ideas and roll out of the new products and services

4#InnogeeRock: Open innovation for real challenges of the smart future relevant to people all over the world (energy, mobility, social etc.) in cooperation with business sector. #CommonProblemsConnect.

awakening the entrepreneurial spirit

innovative solutions for #refugees & #smartfuture challenges

talent scouting

systematic experience gathering & knowledge transfer to industry how to approach and work with newcomers in order to awake innovation

empowering idea technology to design a future #ToBeProudOf

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