Pilot Project: Innovators 4 peace

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Many of the so called refugees are in reality innogees; innovators for peace. They gave up their old lives, because they value peace, freedom, culture and education. They are innovators, because they dare to build a new life based on these values. We are building a network for social innovations to support them.

Integration is a complex process. We can observe many attempts of projects “for refugees” to fail due to many aspects. Very often due to the role that the refugees have in it – to get help.

We have developed a concept in which this perspective is changed and let refugees help rather than get help and supports and supplements the ‘standard’ integration activities.

The idea is to accelerate the integration by creation of a community of persons who will act as multipliers, so called ambassadors of innovative spirit (Innogees), and boost the integration process. To take advantage of the network dynamics, it is crucial to help ambassadors to become strong “knots”, who
– shine as examples of successful integration,
– communicate efficiently,
– have s big personal network around own “knot”.

Through ambassadors the integration is easier and more (cost) efficient on 2 levels:
1. Among refugees
Inspire and motivate other refugees to actively integrate, to think  “how can they contribute to solve the challenges of our society” (from passive to active)

2. Among local inhabitants
Sensibilise and inform that refugees bring an added value for Austria/ Europe (from sceptical to positive)

Our activities serve also as research for creation of new models of integration. We want to observe and measure different approaches and its effect in the 3 stages of the process of change.
For refugees
3 stages: passive, neutral, active
For local inhabitants
3 stages: sceptical, ambivalent, positive

With the group of boys between 15 and 19 years from Georg Danzer House more activities have been conducted:
– Through discussion awareness building about importance of active integration,
– self-reflection and definition of own strengths and ‘calling’,
– trainings of digital content creation,
– interview recording,
– editing of own interviews into “Christmas wishes”,
– spread of “Christmas wishes”,
– Measurement of the impact, analysis of the results.

Time frame: November 2015 – January 2016
Concept and realisation: Lucas Pawlik, PhD and Urska Starc-Peceny, PhD
Supported by: David Kurz, Mori Tavakoli – Acting Center Tavakoli and Wolfgang Leitl.

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