It has no sense to be scared of change, the world is changing so fast that one gets a heart attack in a very short time.

If we like it or not, we need to embrace the changes and try to make the best out of it. For me, for you, for us and for our children.

Newcomers are here. Probably there are many more coming. For whatever reason they left the places where they come from, they are here – with their culture, diversity, mobiles and brains. With courage and experience. Wisdom.

What about using this for advantage of all of us? We have talked to experts involved in refugee assistance and we got frustrated with the search for the solutions. And then we paused – why should ‘we’ find a solution for ‘them’? Ever heard of co-creation?

There are so many things that newcomers don’t have, but there is one that they have – time. Waiting is the name of the game. But maybe we can change this game.

This is how the idea of Innogees and Integration 4.0 has started. To change the mindset and design a reality in which everyone can escape and find a shelter – refugium – in innovation.

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