Tags: Knowledge society, co-creation, smart future, global challenges, recognised values: innovation, knowledge & wisdom, participation, care for “common”

The idea is to develop tools and space to take off, to raise; to attract those, who want to use their minds and rock for the solutions of the industry 4.0, smart future or however you want to call it. To give them the equal possibility to get awarded and be an example that being innovative & creative pays off. It is the fast lane to a new life.

To make this happen we don’t have a turn-key solution, because it makes no sense for ‘us’ to make one for ‘them’. But with different opinions & ideas that we have, we have thought of a sandbox and a kind of a roadmap how to come to solutions step by step.


Representatives of locals & newcomers to define a strategy how to involve people of both sides who are ready to rock and create a community.

Our running pilot project

Create the community, launch contests (online + live) in which everyone (no matter the legal status) can participate and get awarded to find solutions for challenges bound to the #refugees challenges.

Support & acceleration of the top ideas and roll out of the new products and services. The sooner, the better.

Open innovation for real challenges of the smart future relevant to people all over the world (energy, mobility, social etc) in cooperation with business sector. #CommonProblemsConnect.

– awakening the entrepreneurial spirit,
– innovative solutions for #refugees & #smartfuture challenges,
– smart integration,
– talent scouting,
– systematic experience gathering & knowledge transfer to industry how to approach and work with newcomers in order to awake innovation,
– creation of active citizens,
– empowering idea technology to design a future #ToBeProudOf.


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